It is important to our team that the Transahara experience is as pleasant as possible for our attendees.

We are working hard to ensure that Transahara complies with the most up-to-date guidance on COVID-19 safety. This includes protocols for our staff and everyone attending the event.

This information page describes our response to the covid situation, and also reflects the current Moroccan Government advice on COVID-19 safety at events. This guidance may change, so bookmark this page and keep an eye on our newsletter for any updates.


In the event that Transahara Festival is rescheduled due to the pandemic, all tickets, including: Admission, Accommodation, Transportation, Packages, Activities, and Food Tickets, are transferred to the new festival date, which will take place from May 13rd to 17th, 2023.

In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions –  (Article 4, Section 8), we are not able to offer ticket refunds.


As part of its pandemic response instructed by the Moroccan Government on October 26th, 2021, the authorities have introduced a COVID-19-related vaccine pass. Individuals cannot access public buildings, large gatherings, events, or enter businesses, including hotels and restaurants unless they comply with this measure. The pass is also needed to travel between cities, regions, and provinces.

That said, Abiding by national health and safety measures, and following the official instructions by the Moroccan authorities, all visitors and participants attending Transahara Festival must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, at least 14 days prior to arrival to their arrival at the festival venue, and present their vaccination pass on arrival at Transhara 2023. Unvaccinated visitors and participants will not be allowed to enter the event.


  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is strongly recommended to choose adequate travel insurance for your stay in Morocco.
  • Flight tickets will remain affordable. The best time to book your ticket are the months of February and March
  • Follow all official instructions. Abide by national health and safety measures.
  • Consider delaying traveling if experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, as they may prompt increased scrutiny and delays.

For more information and updates about Covid-19 regulations in morocco and the Conditions of access to Moroccan Territory, please refer to the links below