The Essentials

Book your Ticket and Accommodation Early

Buy your Transahara Tickets Early to benefit from the best rates possible.

Be aware, the price of the tickets will increase several times as we approach the festival dates.

The Transahara Festival does not offer camping for personal tents.

Accommodation at one of our official hotels is compulsory.

We want to provide you with the best accommodation possible. The desert can be rough and your safety and comfort is paramount.

Besides, in order to have a valid event license in this special place, we have to team up with an accommodation service provider from the region to aid its financial developmental.

Merzouga is a specific patch of the Sahara desert considered a touristic location and the festival area is reserved to tourism.

The Transahara Crew needs to make this event sustainable and use the region’s Nomad Accommodations / Hotel service providers in order to keep the permit.

This inflates the accommodation costs but brings you state of the art desert accommodation, the perfect final touch to add to the experience and allows you to give back to the community, aiding the economy of the region.

So, making the necessity an asset, this year, we have pushed our camping concept to the tribal limit to offer you a real desert camping experience with the maximum comfort possible.

We advise you to book a Nomad Tent or a room with us because those are the best ways to keep you safe and comfortable in the desert.

You can buy the entrance and accommodation tickets separately, but be aware that an entry ticket will only be valid on the day of the festival if you have a place in one of our accommodation options.

Stay with friends in the official accommodation.

Accommodation in one of the official Transahara hotels is mandatory.

For privacy reasons, we prefer to sell the entire rooms / tents which you can use alone or you can share. Once you have booked the accommodation, you must give us the names of the people who will share the accommodation with you.

Book an official Transport pass

If you decide to free yourself from car rental services and travel in good festival-goer company, then book one of our official means of transportation.

We offer return tickets.

You must reserve the same means of transportation and return to the same departure destination.
You can travel by 8 to 16 seater bus or by 4X4 if you have a little more budget and are looking for comfort and speed.

If you book a departure before the festival or a return after the festival dates, we suggest that you book additional nights at the same location. Your transport and accommodation tickets must indicate the same dates.

Book your flight early!

The best time to book your plane ticket will be between August and November 2021.

Book your flight early to ensure the most economic ticket prices and above all, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Prepare your pack

Prepare like a festival pro and make sure you have this list of items in your luggage

Portable Charger
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Sun Cream
First Aid Essentials
A Hat

Land In Marrakech and Have a Rendez Vous Point With Friends

The best way to enjoy your Morocco stay is to take a week or 10 days of vacation minimum.

We recommend that you arrive in Marrakech at least one day before the festival, and take the first official transport or your car very early in the morning. Make an appointment with your friends somewhere in Marrakech to meet up and have dinner together. Exchange your phone numbers and if necessary buy a sim card with a Moroccan phone number.

Take Enough Cash To The Festival

The festival does not provide ATM Machines. We are in the middle of the desert and we do not have access to ATM machines. Please plan accordingly.

We recommend that you plan to withdraw money before arriving at the festival site.

Paying shuttles will be made available for those who have not taken sufficient precautions.

Download the Transahara App

Before arriving, we recommend that you download the festival app so that you know exactly when and where your favourite artists are playing. You will also find news, official transport information and more useful information in the app.

Keep your Bank Cards and Passport Safe

As in all festivals around the world, it happens that personal items are lost or stolen. We recommend that you always keep your most valuable items such as your passport, credit cards or any other items in places like your accommodation, on you or in one of the lockers of our official hotels.

Take a Money Belt

A money belt is a safe way to protect your money. Festivals can be prime spots for pickpockets, and losing all your money would be disastrous for you festival experience. A money belt, as well as protecting your cash from thieves, also tends to be a bit more secure under your clothes so you don’t drop your cash. If you don’t fancy having all your cash in your money belt, then you could consider taking a wallet and then just topping it up every now and then.

Drink a Lot of Water

It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re having fun. Many people just drink lots of beer and other fun drinks when at festivals. But try and remember to keep up your fluid intake with water too. Consider taking a portable water bottle and filling it up at water stations. Or take several large bottles of water to leave in your Tent / Room.