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Festival Capacity Limit: 1500 people
Official Festival accommodation is Mandatory,
No personnel camping is allowed in Merzouga or the Festival Area

In order to facilitate your journey to Merzouga, for the 2022 edition we have selected 4×4 vehicles and MiniBuses from our tourism transport partners based in Marrakech, the fastest and safer way to reach us.

If you are coming from abroad, we strongly advise you land in Marrakech.

Once your transportation time slot has been booked, we will contact prior to the festival to check with you about your exact departure time.

One way trip Marrakech/Transahara takes around 7 to 8 hours by 4×4 and 9 to 10 hours by MiniBuses.

One way trip Errachidia/Transahara takes around 90 min by 4×4

The vehicles will not wait more than 30 min if someone is late.